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SZ-TPH1300 Baking Oven




SZ-TPH1300 on-line baking oven is self-developed product for metal printing industry, it can be used alone or connect with plate processor, gum processor etc. to achieve a complete production line from CTP plate making, developing, gumming processing, to plate stacking as final destination.

  1. It adopts the method of hot-wind heating, ensure internal temperature in the oven uniform.

  2. Good baking effect with equal brown color after baking and only with very small deformation, heater adopts stainless steel which has a very long duration and not easy to be damaged.

  3. Temperature Control by adjusting output of the heater, saving energy consumption into the maximum extent.

  4. Alarm lamp will be lighted when the temperature is less than setting up data.

  5. It adopts double-layer stainless steel frame to achieve very good effect on thermal insulation, saving huge electricity consumption at same time.

  6. Transmission parts are all made of stainless steel, adopts chain transmission with super wear resistance.

  7. Simple operation and maintenance, unprofessional personnel can also operate.


Model SZ-TPH1300
Baking plates types Aluminum plate
Max plate width 1280mm
Min plate length 525mm
Baking time 8 minutes (recommend)
Baking Temperature 260
Power Supply 3PH, AC 380V/20A, 9kw
Dimension (LxWxH ) 2700x1750x1750 mm
Net weight 800kg

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