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Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine

Entire machine is controlled by PLC,man-machine interface touch screen operation

  • LQ-WMHZ-500II
  • UPG & LQ

Main technical specifications

1.Applications       Designed for the center seaming operation of shrink sleeves such as PVC PET PETG and OPS...

2. Mechanical speed        0- 450m/min;

      3. Unwind diameter              Ø500mm(Max);

      4. Unwind inner diameter          3"/76mm Optional 6"/152mm;

     5. Material width            820mm;

       6. Tube width            20-250mm;

     7. Tolerance of EPC             ±0.1mm;

    8. Guider movement      ±75mm;

    9. Rewind diameter            Ø700mm(Max);

  10. Rewind inner diameter:           3"/76mm (Optional)6"/152mm;

11. Total power:                 ≈9Kw

12. Voltage:               AC 380V50Hz ;

    13. Overall dimension:               L2500mm*W1500mm*H1350mm;

14. Weight:                   ≈1600kg


1.Entire machine is controlled by PLC,man-machine interface touch screen operation;

2.Unwind adopts Magnetic arrester ,tension is automatic;

3. Nip rollers are driven by 2 servo motors, Achieve constant linear velocity control and effectively cut off rewind and unwind tensions intervened;

4. Rewinds adopt servo motor,tension is automatic controlled by PLC;

5. Cantilever designed for easy operation,A single operator is required to operate the machine;

6. Install an stroboscope light ;

7. Automatic shutdown for unwinding;

8. Forming plate unnecessary when shrink sleeve width over 40mm,lowers production costs;

9. Glue flow adjusting system: the flow of glue is automatically match up with variations in machine speed;

10. Equipped with blower for drying the glue faster and also increasing the production speed;

11. Rewind oscillation device;

12. The auto inspection device is avaiable upon request;

13. The mechanical parts of the equipment are longmen machining center and CNC machine tools

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