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Stitching Wire

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Nylon Straight wire
Nylon straight wire diameter 0.7mm/0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm/1.1mm/1.15mm/1.2mm/1.25mm/1.3mm/1.4mm/2.0mm
Tensile strength 500-700N/mm2
Weight About 500kg/Carton
Colors Different colors and diameters of covered steel wires can be customized as demand.

Straight wire
Book binding wire,  Box-stack stitching wire , Staple wire ,Wire bind .

N° 21 Ø 0,80 mm N° 22 Ø 0,75 mm N° 23 Ø 0,70 mm N° 24 Ø 0,65 mm
N° 25 Ø 0,60 mm N° 26 Ø 0,55 mm N° 27 Ø 0,50 mm N° 28 Ø 0,45 mm
Box stay and flat stitching wire

Large Midium Small
2.50mm x 0.60mm 1.80mm x0.60mm 0.90mm x 0.60mm
2.50mm x 0.50mm 1.50mm x 0.50mm 0.80mm x 0.50mm
     1.93mm x 0.95mm    

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