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The KN95 mask punching machine

  • The KN95 mask punching machine
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The mask production line is mainly composed of  material roll loading mechanism, nose line conveying / shearing mechanism, body forming / shearing and waste recycling, edge welding, ear strap welding and other mechanisms, which can automatically complete the mask The body is formed, automatically wears the nose bridge, edge welding, ear strap welding and automatic counting.

The KN95 Mask punching machine

The KN95 mask punching machine is a semi-automatic machine for the production of KN95 masks. Using ultrasonic technology, 3 to 6 layers of Non-Woven Fabri fabric, meltblown are bonded, penetrated into the bridge of the nose, the body of the outlet mask is cut, and the waste is discarded. Separated from the mask. The machine structure is stable and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

Machine Technical Data

Number of layers

3-5 layers

Material width

≤200 mm

Mask size


(According to the mold)


70 pieces/min


15K 2600W


400W Speed Motor

Power Supply


Installation dimensions


Simple operation panel, electronic counter


Flattening and tensioning mechanism , Stable transmission, reduce deviation.

At most put 6 rolls (5 cloth rolls, 1 nose bridge roll) Automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator

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