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Thermal & UV DX1160 Computer to Plate System (CTP)

  • DX1160
  • UPG




  • DX1160 series of CTP plate setters utilize advanced thermal image technology, which realize day light operation.

  • Highly stable lasers and optical system produce sharp printing dot, capable of reproducing 1%-99% dot at 300lpi. The end result to high quality and accurate printing. It is easy to maintain.

  • External drum configuration keeps the plate direction consistent on drum the same during plate making and on press, which ensures the highest consistency during printing and plate making.

  • Automated in – line punch systems are accurate and economic.

  • Marble platform provides the best stability in variety of ambient temperatures.

  • Fully automated drum balancing system ensures smooth& high-speed operation of any plate size and thickness.

  • Two tiers, separate loading and unloading allows continuous plate load, front or back plate ejection.

  • Independent dust control unit to ensure cleanliness of laser unit and quality of plate setting.

  • Open and intuitive user interface with touch screen allows easy operation.


Model DX1160T-I DX1160T-II DX1160T-III DX1160T-IV DX1160U-I DX1160U-II DX1160U-III DX1160U-IV DX1160U-V
Laser system 830nm LD, 32 channels 830nm LD, 48 channels 830nm LD, 64 channels 830nm LD, 96 channels 405nm LD, 32 channels 405nm LD, 48 channels 405nm LD, 64 channels 405nm LD, 96 channels 405nm LD, 96 channels
Output speed 15p/h(1030mm*800mm) 20p/h(1030mm*800mm) 26p/h(1030mm*800mm) 35p/h(1030mm*800mm) 15p/h(1030mm*800mm) 20p/h(1030mm*800mm) 26p/h(1030mm*800mm) 35p/h(1030mm*800mm) 40p/h(1030mm*800mm)
Exposure Structure External drum
Plate size Max.1130mm*930mm; Min. 470 mm*395mm
Plate thickness Thermal(830nm)0.15~0.4mm UV(405nm)0.15~0.4mm
Max hanged line 300lpi
FM dots output 15μm
Repeatability ±0.005mm
Power supply AC 220V AC/50HZ-60HZ  5KW (Single phase)
External dimension L*W*H =2400mm*1375mm*1090mm ,1400kg

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