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UPC Series Thermal CTP Plate


  UPC-I CTP positive thermal plates are of stable performance, high sensitivity, good-reproduction, sharp dot edge and without aging baking and etc. It can match various kinds of CTP exposure machine and developing solution and without adjustment. The CTP-I CTP plate has been placed on domestic and international market for many years and has been widely accepted and welcomed by customers.
  UPC-S is developed based on CTP-I with double layer coating, which enhanced anti-solvent characteristic. So UPC-S can be suitable for both conventional printing and UK-ink printing as well as web printing without baking.

Type Positive thermal CTP plate Positive thermal CTP plate
(Resisted UV ink,double layer)
Spectral sensitivity
Exposure energy
120-140mj/cm^2 100-110mj/cm^2
Run-length 50000-100000              100000-500000
Various with its printing conditions and imaging content
Plate thickness
Developing time
25-30 seconds (UPG Goldstar premium developer,23±2

 UPC-I:1. High sensitivity.
                2.Muti-layer grain,good water-keeping capability,
            3.High chemical resistance.
            4.High adaptability: It can match all conventional 830nm thermal CTP exposure machine and developing machine in the market and also can be applicable to general-purpose developing solution and adding solution.

UPC-S:1.Resist UV-ink
       2.High sensitivity.
       3.Wide developing tolerance.
       4.Good stabilization on anti-aging.
       5.Can be operated in daylight room.
       6.Suitable for web printing.


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