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Our company supplies the wicket of various specification and size, the particularly specified wicket is also offered. The applied surface treatment is chrome-plated, nickel or tack welded and the riveted. The base pins are sized: 6.2×9.2mm, 6.7×9.8mm5.7×7.8mm 8×9mm. Height of the base pins are varied as 49mm, 59mm, 89mm. Construction types are varied, too. We offer the different sizes of wicket as detailed in technical parameters below.


Technical Parameter

Wicket size(mm)

Max metal sheet size(mm)

550×650 mm

712×508 mm

550×860 mm

914×762 mm

550×920 mm

914×800 mm

550×1000 mm

1016×864 mm

550×1045 mm

1143×900 mm

550×1075 mm

1153×965 mm


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