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ZH-400 automatic book case forming machine

1.This machine adopts photoelectric synchronous system that it can achieve hardcover and base box in accurate combination.
2.The machine adopt high temperature hot melt glue to ensure efficiency and quality.
3.This machine adopt the high quality electric part and photoelectric sensor , PLC and servo system, the man-machine system used to human nature to be more convenient.
4.This machine adopts the servo system can insure the synchronicity of multiple-step and error inspection function

  • ZH-400
  • UPG
型号Model ZH-400
最大规格Max hardcover size(mm) 450X900
最小规格Min hardcover size(mm) 100x200
最大成品尺寸Max box size 400X300X130MM
最小成品尺寸Min box size 120X80X15MM
纸板厚度Thickness of cardboard 1~3mm
生产速度Speed 20 pcs/min
外形尺寸Machine dimension 3700x1700x2000
整机重量Machine weight 1800kgs

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