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ZHMG-2050D Perfecting Rotogravure Printing Press for Cotton Cloth

The machine can print pure natural cellulose cotton, including nylon silk and other textile of double side printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing process don't need other auxiliary material transfer, disposable finish two-sided dyeing and printing stereotypes drying function, for the world's first, high science and technology products.
  • ZHMG-2050D
  • UPG


  1. New technology, printing and dyeing, no waste water discharge, energy saving and environmental protection.

  2. Double side direct printing and dyeing, higher efficiency and lower cost.

  3. Directly containing moisture pattern printing, attaining richness and meticulous natural fiber color with gradually changing color.

  4. Lengthening the drying oven system to ensure the fastness of printing and dyeing.




Technical Parameters:
Max. material width 1800mm
Max. printing width 1700mm
Satellite middle roller diameter Ф1000mm
Plate cylinder diameter Ф100-Ф450mm
Max. mechanical speed 40m/min
Printing speed 5-25m/min
Main motor power 30kw
Drying method Thermal or gas
Total power 165kw(non-electrical)
Total weight 40T
Overall dimension 20000×6000×5000mm

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