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ZHMG-401400(MG) High-end Rotogravure Printing Press for Decorative Paper

The machine can print web decorative paper, which be pasted on the surface of floor block, furniture plywood and fire-proof plate for decoration, adopting Oil-type Ink or Water based ink. It also can print Baoli paper and transfer paper.
  • ZHMG-401400(MG320)
  • UPG

   1High-speedhigh-efficiencyenergy-saving new model by innovation;
   2Advanced technique with electronic line shaft for drive;
   3Unwinding and rewinding with double working positions, controlled by
PLC synchronously;
   4Plate cylinder is mounted by shaft-less air chuck, auto overprint with
computer, web vision system;
   5A number of energy-saving technologies, great efficiency of utilization
heat energy, reducing heat emissions;
   6Dual track pressure, with drop roller and electrostatic ink suction device.



Technical  Parameters:
Max. Material Width 1350mm
Max. Printing Width 1320mm
Material Weight Range 30-120g/m²
Max. Rewind/Unwind Diameter Ф1000mm
Plate Cylinder Diameter Ф250-Ф450mm
Printing plate length 1350-1380mm
Max. Mechanical Speed 340m/min
Max. Printing Speed 320m/min
Energy saving index 30%
Total power 290kw
Total weight 80T
Overall dimension 20420×6750×5430mm

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