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ZHMG-501400(JSL) Automatic Rotogravure Printing Press for PVC

The machine can print PVC plastic film, which be pasted on the surface of floor block、furniture plywood and fire-proof plate for wood-grain decoration, adopting Oil-type ink、Water based ink or Alcohol based ink.
  • ZHMG-501400(JSL) PVC
  • UPG


  1. Machine is logically controlled by PLC, 6 sets tension control.

  2. Double-armed turret type unwinding and rewinding, auto-splicing without stopping machine.

  3. The doctor assembly is pneumatically controlled by two air cylinders and can be adjusted in three directions: left/right, up/down, forward/backward.

  4. The oven adopt full closed type, high quality carbon steel structure, high speed and big flow velocity can create low temperature high air speed drying type.




Technical Parameters:
Max. Material Width 1350mm
Max. Printing Width 1250mm
Material Weight Range 0.03-0.06mm PVC film
28-30g/㎡ BaoLi paper
Max. Rewind/Unwind Diameter Ф1000mm
Plate Cylinder Diameter Ф180-Ф450mm
Max. Mechanical Speed 150m/min
Printing Speed 80-130m/min
Main motor power 18kw
Total power 180kw(electrical heating
Total weight 45T
Overall dimension 18000×4200×4000mm

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