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ZHMG-601950(HL) Automatic Rotogravure Printing Press for Decorative Paper

It is mainly used for the printing of decorative paper reel specifications, especially for flooring, furniture, wood panels and other wood finishes, suitable for water-based printing ink or oil-based ink, the machine is also suitable for Polaroid paper, transfer paper roll printed materials, is currently the most cost-effective domestic and similar models in one of the leading models.
  • ZHMG-601950(HL220)
  • UPG


  1. Provincial new product models to upgrade, high-grade, high speed, energy saving and environmental model.

  2. Machine is logically controlled by PLC, 7 sets tension control.

  3. Unwinding & rewinding adopt double shafts turret type, double working station, automatic splicing speed synchronously.

  4. Printing cylinder is mounted by shaft-less air chuck, auto overprint with computer, web vision system.

  5. Customized special machine according to your demanding.



Technical Parameters:
Max. Material Width 1900mm
Max. Printing Width 1800mm
Material Weight Range 60-170g/m²
Max. Rewind/Unwind Diameter Ф1000mm
Plate Cylinder Diameter Ф250-Ф450mm
Max. Mechanical Speed 200m/min
Printing Speed 80-180m/min
Dry method Electricity or gas
Total power 200kw(electrical heating
Total weight 65T
Overall dimension 19500×6000×4500mm

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