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ZYH780A /ZYH670A Combination Folding Machine

  • ZYH780A /ZYH670A
  • UPG


  • Four buckle plates and three mechanically-controlled knives can carry out parallel folds and cross folds, model 780 can also has optional inward/outward folders of 32-mo, and twofold inward folders of 32-mo (24-mo).

  • Folding roller with precise cross-linked coupling and gear driving.

  • Folding roller with new technique guarantees strong suction capacity.

  • Sensitive automatic control device of double sheet and jammed sheet.

  • Scoring, perforating at request.

  • Electrical system controlled by microcomputer.

  • Smoothly controlled by VVVF with overload protecting function.

  • Device for blowing dust can clear the dust of outside surface of machine and effectively for maintenance of machine expediently.

ZYH780A Technical data

Max. sheet size 780×1160mm
Min. sheet size Parallel folding or first folding 150×200mm
Cross folding Second folding 200×300mm
Third folding 300×450mm
Fourth folding 300×450mm
Min. sheet width of parallel folding 55mm
Max. folding speed Parallel folding or first folding 160m/min
Cross folding For540×780 mm sheet Second folding 170sheet/min
Third folding 170sheet/min
Fourth folding 160sheet/min
Sheet range 40-200g/m2
Machine power 5.84Kw
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 5176×1620×1630mm
Machine net weight 2400kg




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