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UP Group’s products have been exported to more than 80 countries.
In Southeast Asia
its products cover Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines and Myanmar. 
In South Asia 
its products cover India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives and Bangladesh.
In Middle Asia
its products cover Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
In West Asia
its products cover Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan and Turkey.
In East Asia 
its products cover Japan, Korea and Mongolia.
In European
its products cover Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Georgians, Slovakia, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,  Sweden, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Albania.
In Africa
its products cover South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Liberia and Cameroon.
In America
its products cover The United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Honduras.
In Oceania
its products cover Australia, New Zealand.
Among these regions, we have more than 46 stable distributors and partners for many years. 
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