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FAQ for TS-200 PUR binder

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Do you have the automatic clean system to do the daily cleaning for this PUR perfect binder? 

Yes, this PUR perfect binder has automatic cleaning function.


What cleaner is used for this PUR binder ? 

It uses Henkel PUR cleaner 2, the blue particle shape. 


How does the operator do the cleaning ?

After finishing one day's job, the operator just press the clean button on the screen, the system will clean it in around 1 minute. In this 1 minute, the cleaning system put pressure on the cleaner in order to clean all the PUR glue out from the hose to the nozzle, so the cleaner will remain inside can lubricate and dissolve away the bad glue. 


How dose the PUR binder do the automatic adjustment?

First you need to measure the book block size and then input to the screen. Second, put the book block into the automatic thickness measure device then the machine will read the thickness, then adjust automatically. But the book cover size will need adjust manually.

The max. binding size is 450x380mm. Can you inform the max. book cover size?

450*810mm (810mm=380mm*2+50mm)


If our customer wants to use EVA hot melt glue, can he use the same system without having to make any changes on the machine?

It's available, but the glue thickness maybe not much as the PUR glue. For your reference, the glue spray thickness for PUR is around 0.3-0.5mm.

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