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Technology of Accura Synchro-Fly High-speed sheeting machine

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1. Introduction to the whole machine technology function

This sheeting machine is used to cut the roll paper into different sizes of single sheets. It is suitable for different types of paper, including scratch-resistant gold and silver cardboard, and liquid packaging paper containing AL in the surface.

After paper rewound, paper machine base paper cutting and quantitative customize paper volume, mechanical automatic leveling, bending the air-filled type pneumatic brake disc type multipoint, PLC automatic tension control, pneumatic type paper protection device, cutting length, speed setting, and, according to the automatic adjustment, automatic cutting and cross-cutting knife and powder paper suction MAO, static elimination, points the paper, overlapping paper, automatic counting, put, automatic paper heap of vibration function, emergency stop automatically

2. Ways of Machine control

Servo motor control system: HMI color touch screen operation (panel).

Servo driven dual rotating cutter adopts a servo motor to control the main cutter drum. Other motors are used to control the feeding and stacking section. PLC program is to control cutting length, speed, counting (cumulative counting), insert and other comprehensive functions automatically to ensure the cutting accuracy and make the whole machine more advanced, effective and reliable.

3. Machine structure

Machine structure is divided into functions:

A. The Unwind Stands section

B. Paper feeding, de-curler and tension control

C. The Cutting Section

D. The convey Section

E. The Pile Table / Layboy section

4. Structure introduction

A. According to user requirements

1 groups of shaft-less hydraulic unwind stand. Each time 2 rolls of paper can be loaded. The automatic tension controller is equipped to stabilize the feeding tension during the cutting process and ensure cutting accuracy.

B. Paper feeding, de-curler and tension control     

Due to the winding of the paper coil under gravity, the paper close to the paper core is seriously bent and deformed, which affects the precision of the splitting and cutting of the paper sheet and makes a large number of finished paper close to the paper core scrapped.The machine is equipped with 2 sets of bi-directional electric de-curler devices (1 set for each paper roll), which are operated by a rotating shaft, which is guaranteed to be stable by ball bearing and attached to linear guide rails at both ends to ensure vertical leveling force, and can be driven up and down by motor to play a good leveling role.

C. The Cutting Section

The cutter has two sets of tool shaft synchronous rotation up and down to cut. Driven by servomotor, the upper and lower axes are cut at the same speed. Compared with the single-cutter machine, the finished paper processed in this way has smooth edges, which are not easy to produce rough edges and grooves, has good incision, less dust, higher precision and no need for straight angle adjustment device. The maximum quantity of cutting paper can reach 1000g/m2, and the service life of the blade is longer. Practice has proved that the cutting mode of double rotary knife structure can also ensure the flatness of cutting edge and greatly reduce the production of paper ash and wool when the cutting quantity is high.

D. Convey section

This machine adopts the method of overlapping paper and reducing speed. By adjusting the button, according to the change of cutting speed, according to the cutting length, we adjust the size of the overlapping part of the paper, and with the third paper pressing belts and wheels, papers can be smoothly stacked.

E. The Pile Table / Layboy section

To ensure the smooth stacking under the automatic paper stacking state.

5. The main automatic control function of the equipment

1) Touch screen control automatic adjustment function

2) Cutting precision monitor function

3) Auto counting function

4) Automatic preset stop function

5) Safety emergency stop self-locking function

6) Motor overload alarm function

6. More technical questions, welcome to consult Celina Chen.