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Advantages of automatic blanking machine

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All machine parts are processed with high-quality steel

All machine parts are processed independently using large CNC

Control parts inspection strictly

Implement the assembly process strictly in the assembly link and provide a record of assembly inspection for each machine

The whole machine is tested before leaving factory and it runs for 72 hours  without shutdown

Export packaging of machines: vacuum aluminum plastic packaging

The whole machine using Italian Oiltec hydraulic station with strong and stable power

The steady output of pressure is 4 tons.The power of the upper and lower hydraulic cylinders is 4 tons.

Some papers are not cut completely,or with big connecting points, These situations we can make. But the other suppiers can not do...

The upper and lower powers are imported SMC hydraulic cylinders from Japan which have no oil leakage and good stability

The life of the hydraulic cylinder exceeds 30 years, and it can move more than 2 million times mechanically.


Operating face shield using magnetic suction type which is easy to install,maintain and repair the machine

X/Y axis using triangle fixing device to ensure positioning accuracy

Our machine adopts double lead screw to ensure high accuracy. Most of the other domestic suppliers use the single screw structure.

The whole desktop structure ensures the smooth movement of paper on the platform.

Our company is the first manufacturer of this Blanking machine in China and in the world.

Our company has developed, designed and studied the existing machine structure.

Enlargement of the memory function of the whole machine,50 sets data of different products can be stored at present

HMI has trilingual functions: Chinese/English/Third language(Russia)

The whole machine using honeycomb plate structure which has 1225 honeycomb holes and 10mm pin diameter and can be arranged different shapes according to different products


Electrical parts using imported brands such as OMRON and Schneider

The whole machine has passed the CE security certification of EU

It can make 1/2/3/4/5...boxes at one time

Working speed is 500-1200 times/hour now.

Such as if 200 boxes/time, woking speed is 1000times/h

So the output is 200,000boxes/h

Our blanking machines have been sold to many countries such as India、Indonesia、Vietnam、Malaysia、Hungary、the Netherlands、Germany、The United States、Brazil、Egypt、The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)、Korea、Russia、Japan.

The accuracy of the machine can be guaranteed to remain unchanged within five years.

Large scale production,Shown in the next page.

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