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  • Machine study

    On  December  25,  2018.  UP  Group  went  to  factory  study  the  laminating  machine.

  • Inspection of Foil-Stamping and Die-cutting Machine

    Inspection  of  Foil-Stamping  and  Die-cutting  Machine

  • UP Group made a customer visit in Ghana

    On  10-20  December  2018,  UP  GROUP  visited  Ghana  customers.

  • Paper bag machine testing

    On  20  December  2018,  Shanghai  UPG  made  on-site  testing  of  square-bottomed  paper  bag  machine.

  • Pre-coating factory inspection

    From  Dec.17th  to  20th,  our  company  went  to  Guangdong  inspecting  the  pre-coating  factory.

  • Machine installation and commissioning

    Dec  6th  2018,  our  No.3  sales  dept.  completed  the  installation  and  commissioning  of    JD4740  four-color  printing  machine  in  Bangladesh.

  • UV curing machine testing

    On  10  December  2018,  Shanghai  UPG  tested  the  UV  curing  machine  which  was  purchased  by  our  customer  before  shipping. 

  • Metal detection machine study

    In  the  mid  of  November,  UP  Group  visited  its  member  enterprises  and  test  the  machine. 

  • Sport activity

    On  Nov  16th,  UP  GROUP-Shanghai  UPG  International  Trading  Co.,  Ltd  organized  the  sport  activities. 

  • UPG visited the Shanghai QXQC factory

    On  14th  November,colleagues  in  Department  Four  visited  the  Shanghai  QXQC  factory 

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