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Digital Printing Equipment Training

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Recently,in order to meet the market demand,we developed upg1A & upg1B,at the same time we carried out the theoretical knowledge and practical training of the machine as well as the

exam. UPG-1 Desktop Label Printer using Memjet generation NorthStar technology with variable data sheet fed,roll to sheet,roll to roll printing options, supporting sheet fed,web,die-cut paper and black label mode printing. Compared with traditional inkjet (printing)system,the low setup time can realize flexible short-term operation and a cost-effective,making it an ideal choice for enconomical and efficient printing in the market.



Operation Tips:

1. UPG-1 digital printer

The print head and cartridge should be installed carefully.

Paper feed rack should be fixed on the left side for the roll feeding paper but for the die cut paper the feed rack still needs to be adjusted as a result of different printing areas.

When the paper gets stuck in the machine the print engine shall be open and remove the paper. Then cut the wasted printing area of the paper by cutter.

To save paper you can try to print one copy for check.If there is nothing wrong the batch operation can start.

The distance between the unwinding roll and printer should be about 25 cm.

2. Sheet-fed and roll-fed die cutter

Calibration and knife pressure measurement should be done before die cutting.

The printing file for die cutting should be added and saved in a location where you can find once you close it.

The sign master and label studio software is different for printing code.Do not mix it.

For the roll-fed die cutter the different locations must be in a straight line while the machine is running. When the machine stops automatically it may be the problem of the laser calibration.So the calibration work should be repeat.

3. Foil stamping machine

Remember the size, roll feeding way and printer selection of each model.

Long press on the copy button makes the machine a continuous run.

Through this training and exam, we get more familiar with our newly launched product which greatly help serving our customer better during the offline exhibition.