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FAQ for BTH-450 + BM-500L Full Automatic High Speed Side Seal Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

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1.Q: Does the machine have a limit on the length of the product?

A: The machine adopts the side seal design, the side seal knife can seal continuously, and the length of the packaged product is not limited, which makes the packaging range wider.

2.Q: Does the sealing line affect the aesthetics of the product?

A: The height of the side seal and the horizontal seal can be adjusted up and down, and the sealing line can be adjusted to the center position according to the height of the packaging, so that the product packaging is more beautiful.

3.Q: If the product size is large, is this machine suitable?

A: This machine adopts Omron PLC programmable controller and touch screen control. Various settings and operations can be easily completed on the touch screen. At the same time, it can store a variety of product data in advance, and only need to call out the parameters from the touch screen when using.


4.Q: Will the seal of the product crack?

A: The sealing and cutting knife adopts American DuPont Teflon anti-adhesive coating, and the sealing will not crack and coke; the sealing and cutting knife has an automatic protection function to prevent mis-cutting of the packaging.


5.Q: Is it difficult to adjust the machine to pack products with different product sizes?

A:By adjusting the height of the film guide device and the feed conveying platform, the products of different width and height can be packed without changing the mold and bag-maker.

6.Q: How about the shrinkage effect of the product?

A: The machine adopts under-heating multi-directional circulating air contraction, equipped with dual frequency conversion speed regulation, which can freely adjust the amount of blowing air and the speed of conveying. It adopts roller-type conveyor belt and rollers with high temperature resistant silicone tube, each of which can rotate freely To achieve the best shrink effect.