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LQGA T-shirt printer

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Q1: Do all the clothes need to be sprayed with treatment liquid?

A1: White T-shirts do not need to be sprayed with treatment liquid, but dark colors need to be such as: green, red, black, etc.?

Q2: T-shirt printer can print a variety of fabrics it?

A2: Mainly print cotton T-shirts, the higher the cotton content, the better the printing effect

Q3:Will the fibers on the clothes scrape the print head ?

A3:Our print head are designed with protruding and protruding outer edges.It can prevent the print head from being damaged by clothes and ink.

Q4: What should I do if the ink has not been used for a long time?

A4: Equipped with a magnetic shaking setting ink the ink tank which can twirling in the bottle to avoid precipitation of white ink 

Q5: How to know if the ink is running out

A5: The printer is equipped with an ink shortage indicator and an alarm, and there is a removable ink cartridge set to make it more convenient to add ink

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