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UP Group in Label Expo

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UPG-1 label printer is a new generation of desktop digital label printer developed by UPG & Memjet.It adopts Memjet's latest Northstar printing technology which meet the needs of the times. In terms of appearance, the body adopts an all-steel shape structure which ensures certain durability. There are two models of UPG-1 label printers, UPG-1A & UPG-1B. UPG-1A needs an external computer to run while UPG-1B has one more easy-to-operate touch display screen than UPG-1A,which is more convenient for users in public environments to use.

UPG-1 label printer is made up of Memjet's new generation of print heads and engines, as well as special eco-friendly inks. The print head uses the latest Northstar printing technology which can realize four-color printing. The fastest speed can reach 18 meters per minute. The ultra-high precision printing of 1600DPI makes the color of the picture more vivid, the small fonts such as 2PT and 4PT can also be printed clearly. In terms of ink, UPG-1 label printer adopts the latest eco-friendly boxed DN dye ink, which is pollution-free. It does no harm to the environment and human body and also made breakthroughs and improvements in light resistance and water resistance. In addition, UPG-1label printers are installed with automatic maintenance module, which greatly reduces overall production costs and increases the life of the machine and print head.

UPG-1 label printers can adapt to a wide range of paper types such as PP, PE, canvas, film, self-adhesive labels.It is available for multiple language which meet the demand for users from different countries and regions and can be switched freely in the roll-to-roll printing and roll-to-sheet printing modes,green hands can also easily operate it.

At the Guangzhou International Label Printing Exhibition in early March, our company exhibited two UPG-1 label printers as proto.It attracted a large number of customers to come to inquire once launched. People are satisfied with its wide applicability and high efficiency as well as its humanized operation interface and the program that can calculate printing costs for customers accurately.What's more, we uploaded the photos from mobile phone to UPG-1 label printer for test printing directly and the result come out good.

After this show, you will see us at the domestic Jinan exhibition in Shandong and international professional exhibitions in Bangladesh, India and Belgium etc. See you then~









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