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FAQ for screen printing

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Q:  How many impressions per hour can I expect from the ST1050?

A:  It can achieve 4000 impressions per hour,which can improve productive efficiency.

Q:How fast can it print?

A:Its printing speed can achieve 500-4000 sheets per hour.

Q:  What are the advantages of this machine?

A:  High speed:  The maximum speed of 4000 P/H raises production efficiency.

High registration accuracy:  It ensures high quality printing.


     Thin paper printing:  Accurate printing on printing materials of 0.075mm thickness allows your           business scope expanded.


      Zero reject:  The optical fiber magic eyes refuse wrong positioned paper, which makes your       waste cost to be zero.


      Smooth running:  The long service life of the machine resulting from smooth and reliable running increases your investment benefit.