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LQST-720/1050 Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

1. High speed: The maximum speed of 4000 p/h can raise production efficiency. 2. High registration accuracy: It ensures high quality printing. 3. Thin paper printing: Accurate printing on printing material of 0.075mm thickness allows your business scope expanded. 4. Zero reject: The photocell eyes refuse life of the machine resulting from smooth and reliable running increases your investment benefit.

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Q:How many impressions per hour can I expect from the ST1050

A:It can achieve 4000 impressions per hour,which can improve productive efficiency.

Q:How fast can it print?

AIts printing speed can achieve 500-4000 sheets per hour.

Q:What are the advantages of this machine

A:High speed:  The maximum speed of 4000 P/H raises production efficiency.
   High registration accuracy:  It ensures high quality printing.  
   Thin paper printing:  Accurate printing on printing materials of 0.075mm thickness allows your bus iness scope expanded. 
   Zero reject:  The optical fiber magic eyes refuse wrong positioned paper, which makes your waste cost to be zero.
 Smooth running:  The long service life of the machine resulting from smooth and reliable running increases your investment benefit.

Being an updated model so far in China, the ST-720 Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine is our product newly been put into the market and this result benefits from our several decades experience in manufacturing rotary screen printing machine and the improvement with new ideas on the basis of incorporating new technology and design from home and abroad.
To ensure the reliability of the function of its unique design, the key parts of the machine are processed by imported procession machine tools and the key components are imported directly from abroad. 
It is really an ideal equipment to offer high quality printing better and faster for those industries, such as packaging and advertisement printing industry (printing on coated paper, paper board, cardboard, stick paper, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene and spot varnishing with UV ink), transfer printing industry (printing labels of pottery, glass, lottery ticket and enamel) and electronic printing industry (printing soft circuit board and flexible film button).

Model LQST-720 LQST-1050
Max. Sheet Size (mm) 720x510 1050x750
Min. Sheet Size (mm) 350x270 560×350
Max. Printing Size (mm) 720x500 1050×740
Thickness Of Sheet (gsm ) 100-350 90-420
Printing Speed (p/h) 1000-3600 500-4000
Total Power (kw) 8.3 9.8
Machine Weight (kg) 3800 5500
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 3250x2360x1600 3750x3066x1717

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