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The difference between digital printing and traditional printing

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The difference between digital printing and traditional printing

Package and printing are are important means and ways to improve the added value of products and enhance their competitiveness. As a process technology for copying and text , it has developed rapidly with the process of production technology and has become an indispensable part of our lives.

Now digital printing machine has gradually begun to replace traditional printing machine in some industries.

This article is divided into three parts to introduce the difference between the two.

Different cost

Digital printing is a new type of printing technology that uses the pre-press system to transmit graphic information directly to the digital printing machine through the network and print it directly. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has a lower cost because digital printing does not require plate making or machine start-up cost ,and shorter production time, for users, it will save time, money, and effort. Therefore, digital printing is more popular.

Low investment threshold

Now more and more micro-entrepreneurs are emerging. Unlike large enterprises, they rarely have a particularly large number of printing needs. However, the minimum order quantity of kilograms in traditional printing has set up a high threshold for them. They could not find a suitable printing service.

However, digital printing does not have this problem. Generally, digital printing can be ordered in very small quantities. Users can decide the quantity to be printed according to their own needs, and the requirements are lower. This has caused many traditional printing service providers to transform to digital printing, and digital printing has become more and more common.

Satisfy personality demand

Digital printing can meet the needs of user customization. Because of the high cost of plate making in traditional printing, the layout style of the user's printed matter is limited. However, digital printing not only starts printing a single sheet, but also has different contents, and does not increase printing costs, so it is more popular with users.

However, with the development of printing technology towards digitization, automation and intelligence, digital printing and traditional printing have gradually formed an industrial model with complementary and complementary advantages. The personalized + batch production model provides new kinetic energy for industrial development, which can not only meet the needs of small and micro enterprise users, but also meet the needs of large-scale enterprises for mass customization, so that the industry is full of vitality.

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