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A brief analysis of the differences between the two Memjet technologies

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UPG-1 label printer is a desktop printer with Memjet's first-generation printing technology.The maximum print speed is 18 m/min,equipped with a complete set of intelligent maintenance module,it can reduce human cost,ensure stable operation of equipment and prolong the life of the print head.SO,Memjet's first-generation printing technology can be used for proofing and small batch  custom production.

DUMAX-330 roll-to-roll high-speed full-color digital printer is equipped with Memjet's second-generation.By using long life printing head,durable pigment ink and other Specially designed functions, the equipment can qualified for commercial printing, label packaging production and industrial printing market on speed and cost.More over, customers can install large capacity ink barrels for long-term printing, mass industrial production.At the same time, DUMAX-330 has maximum 100 meters print speed, 1600DPI resolution and the excellent color restoration  create a new generation of digital printers with high quality and high production efficiency.

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