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Summary of common problems of carton machine

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Q:1. What is the difference between our carton inkjet printer and the traditional one.

A1: We don’t need to make a plate and mix ink like traditional printing. Our ink is green and environmental


Q:2.What is the print head used by the machine and how long is its service life?

A2: It adopts imported EPSON industrial print head, the service life is about 1-2 years. (Compared with using a 1-inch print head) The price of our print head is half that of similar manufacturers, and the speed is 1.33 times that of similar manufacturers. The physical accuracy of One PASS is 1.7 times that of similar manufacturers.


Q3. Can people who are not familiar with computers master the operation?

A3: Unfamiliar people can get started after simple training


Q4. How many colors does the machine print? Can it print all colors?

A4: The machine is four-color printing, which can mix more than 20 thousand colors


Q5. Which cardboard is suitable for the machine? Can acrylic sheets be printed? Can print on the cardboard that is particularly warped on both sides?

A5: Corrugated board within 20mm can be printed. You cannot print on acrylic board. Our printing platform itself has adsorption function, and we also have special anti-warping edge pressing for warped cardboard.


Q6. How much cardboard can be put at one time??

A6 : The general height is 20CM-30CM


Q7. Will there be white lines during printing? (It means the ink plugged the print head nozzle and causes print head not work)

A7: The ink is special ink. Under the condition of ensuring temperature and humidity, this will not happen. If there are white lines on the prints, please clean the print head.(The cleaning function is fully automatic)


Q8.How is the printed color?

A8: The color of pictures printed with water-based dyes can basically achieve the effect of traditional printing, and the color restoration rate is relatively high.


Q9. How to judge when to add ink?

A9: We have a low level alarm, and the secondary ink cartridge will automatically extract ink from the primary ink cartridge when the liquid level is less than half.