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LQ Automatic PS Plate Exposure Machine


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  • UPG

Entirely automatic designed, the vacuum, the exposure forms a coherent whole. Reciprocating air pump without oil coordination special pumping method and the vacuum rapid level with no occluded gas do not send empty. Regardless of any plate material, all can manifest the perfect mesh point recovery.

1. 100 groups of computer procedures of memory, facilitating the use of each kind of plate material condition.
2. Lightening immediately ultraviolet lamp source, with high light and energy conservation.
3. Special designed reflection cover, light reflection efficiency reaching as high as 86%, the active surface exposure even also.
4. Equipped with standard light quantity integrator of ultraviolet ray, guaranteed each plate with stable exposure energy.
5. Equipped with standard automatic astigmatism glass installation, able to eliminate the trace of pasted adhesive tape.
6. Standard yellow lamp-house proofread lamp, won’t injure the photosensitive layer on PS plate.
7. Safe reliable shade, avoiding ultraviolet-ray injury human body.
8. Ultra strong steel construction fuselage matched by static electricity powder coating, longer service life.

Exposure area860X1100mm
Light3KW immediate turn-on lamp imported from Japan
Power1PH, 220V/30A


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