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LQ-CP Cross Composite Film


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  • LQ-CP

LQCP cross-composite film is produced by drooling composite process. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as the main raw material. It is made by blowing plastic, unidirectional stretching, rotating cutting, and squeezing saliva composite. It is a high-strength film with good mechanical properties and balanced equilibrium. In the use of squeezed saliva composite production, the cross-composite film is the first domestic.

The typical application area of LQCP cross-composite film is waterproof coils. It can be used as a supporting material to produce double-sided asphalt waterproofing materials and can also be used for surface production single-sided asphalt waterproof coils. The waterproof coils produced by LQCP cross-composite film have the advantages of good paving, good flatness, aging resistance, and not easy to edge or curl.

LQCP cross-composite film can also be used as packaging materials, which can significantly improve the strength, stiffness and tear resistance of packaging materials. In addition, the identification sign and tear-resistant label can be used outdoors.

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