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LQ-DL-R Round Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine is used to label the adhesive labe on the round bottle. It is a small machine with low price which can put on desk

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  • LQ-DL-R

  • UPG


This machine is used to label the adhesive label on the round bottle. This labeling machine is suitable for PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle and metal bottle. It is a small machine with low price which can put on desk.

This product is suitable for round labeling or semi-circle labeling of round bottles in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, stationery, hardware and other industries.

The labeling machine is simple and easy to adjust. The product is standing on the conveyor belt. It achieves labeling accuracy of 1.0MM, reasonable design structure, simple and convenient operation.

Operation process:

Put the product on the conveyor by manual (or automatic feeding of the product by other device) - product delivery - labeling (automatic realized by the equipment)



1. High precision and stability of labeling.

2. Made of stainless steel material, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, small and light.

3. Intelligent control: automatic photoelectric tracking, automatic detection function, to prevent leakage and label waste, 7-inch touch screen debugging data.

4. The whole machine is easy to adjust for different size bottle and different label size.

5. The machine is light and convenient.

6. Taiwan optical fiber amplifier, digital adjustment accuracy.

Machine Name

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Power supply

220V / 50Hz / 400W / 1Ph

Labeling Speed

20-60 pcs/min

Labeling Accuracy


Product size

Height:30 - 200 mm
Diameter:25 - 110 mm

Label size

Width:20 - 120 mm
Length:25 - 320 mm

Inner. Dia. of roller

76 mm

Outer Dia. of roller

300 mm

Machine size

1200 mm * 600 mm * 700 mm

Machine weight

100 KG

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