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LQ Doctor Blade

According to different machines and substrates, it can be used selectively. 1. The hardness is 580HV+/-15, the tensile strength is 1960N/mm, and the cylinder is not easy to wear. 2. Widely used in gravure and flexo printing 3. Scrapers of various specifications can be customized, with a minimum order of a box. 4. Use Swedish high-quality steel belt to produce and manufacture with unique high-precision technology.
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Doctor blade has extremely high toughness and super abrasion resistance, smooth and straight edge, excellent performance in scraping ink, and excellent mechanical properties, which can perfectly embody high-speed and long-lasting printing. During use, it can ensure good contact with the surface of the printing plate without sanding to achieve the best scraping effect.

Each box is 100M, and the patented anticorrosive plastic box packaging makes the quality more stable and durable.

Suitable for medium and high speed machines with machine speeds above 150m.


It suitable for gravure printing, flexographic printing, and coating and polishing, and can be used for medium and high speed machines.

Angle type:

Beveled edge, rounded edge, grinding edge.


Carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel coating