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LQ-FM460B Automatic book cover machine

Can be used for efficient, high-quality production of hardcover bookcase, loose-leaf pages, folders, game paper
  • LQ-FM460B
  • UPG

1. Stable and accurate institution providing automatic feeder paper delivery
2. Automatic error correction device for improvement of accuracy of cardboard position
3. Optical fiber precise detection device to improve accuracy of cardboard feeding
4. Solved phenomenon including soiled and scratched surface caused in process of production of chaff and it meets requirements for high-quality finished products
5. Solved difficulties including hemming and scratching for narrower cardboard
6. It has improved efficiency for materials receiving and counting of finished products of chaff.
7.It use intelligent touch screen display and operate system.
8.It adopts Japan OMRON PLC control system, automatic checking trouble,adjusting more convenient and quick. Decrease waste of raw materials.

Length of paper190-830MM230-1030MM
Width of paper140-480MM160-600MM
Thickness of paper80-200g100-300g
Thickness of cardboard1-3mm1-3mm
Working Speed0-30sheets/min.0-25sheets/min.
Power supply22kw24kw