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LQ-Holographic Metalized Thermal Laminating Film [Gloss]


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Material: PET or BOPP Laser Film + EVA

Thickness: 28/30 Micron

Width: 100-1880 mm

Length: 300-3000 m/Roll

PaperCore: 1 Inch/3 Inch (25.4mm/76.2mm)

Advantages: Widely used on colored packaging boxes;

After Laminating, it will have the ultimate effect;

Anti counterfeiting hologram

Application Manual
Equipment for laminating filmDry and wet laminating machine
Lamination temperatureNommal:85-110°C(185-230°F)
Roller pressure10-18 MPa
Process Parameters:
1. Adjust rollor pressure and temperature according to different types of paper,ink and speed.
2.When using the film for the first or changing to other thickness, we recommend small trial volume before going into mass laminating.
3.The following situation will afect the quality of laminating:        
Using metal ink.        
The ink contains too much wax, drying oil, anti-adhesive and silicon additive, etc        
The ink is too thick.        
The ink is not completely dry.        
The humidity of paper is high.        
Too much powder.

Technical Specifcation of Thermal Laminating Film
SpecifcationBOPP17 μMBOPP18 μMBOPP19 μMBOPP20 μMBOPP22 μMBOPP24 μMBOPP25 μMPET-0806
Base Film121212121215158
Gloss Weight (m2/kg)6459575449454360
Matt Weight (m2/kg)68636158524846/
Notes(According to customer requirements)
(According to customer requirements)
(According to customer requirements)
Corona TreatmentSingleDouble
Connector≤2(The connector is marked with red tape)
Thickness Tolerance±1μm
Paper lnner Core25.4mm/76.2mm(1"/3")
Corona Treatment BOPP/PET≥36 Dyne
Corona Treatment EVA≥40 Dyne

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