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LQ-LTA-450/450A+LM-500 Automatic L Type Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • LQ-LTA-450/450A+LM-500
  • UPG

This machine has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation, safety protection and alarm function that effectively prevents incorrect packaging. It is equipped with an imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric, which makes it easy to switch selections. The machine can be connected directly with the production line, no need additional operators. 

Model LQA-450/450A LM-500
Max. Packing Size (L+H)≤500mm   (W+H)≤430mm  (H)≤150mm (L)700*(W)400*(H)200mm
Max. Sealing Size  (L)550*(W)450mm (L)1000*(W)450*(H)250mm
Packing Speed 20-35 Packages/min 0-15m/min
Electric Suppy&Power 220V/50Hz 1.3kw 380V/50Hz 12kw
Air Pressure 5.5kg/cm3 /
Weight 440kg 240kg
Overall Dimensions (L)1800*(W)800*(H)1600mm (L)1300*(W)700*(H)1400mm

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