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LQ-MD C54 Ink-jet Printing Machine

  • LQ-MD C54
  • UPG
  • LQ-MD C54

Nozzle type:  All imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle (Ricoh nozzle)

Nozzle width:  54mm (single nozzle)

Nozzle longitudinal accuracy:  600dpi

Lateral precision of nozzle:  200dpi-1200dpi, adjustable

Jet printing speed:  0-100 M / min (determined by material / resolution / environment / platform, etc.)

Interface type:  USB3.0 or Gigabit Network

Spray printing software:  Magic data variable data editing software

Secondary development:  Software provides interface to support secondary development

Ink path control:  Patent ink path design

Ink type:  Imported environmental protection UV ink

Curing type:  led-uv curing

Spray printing method:  Single side spray printing, double side spray printing, multi side spray printing

Feeding mode: Assembly line, packaging machine, automation equipment, production line, weighing equipment, etc