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LQ-MD C54 Ink-jet Printing Machine


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  • LQ-MD C54

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD C54

  • The nozzle maintenance is simple and convenient. You only need to print the test page before use every day. There is no need to use cleaning agent to clean, save consumables, and the cleaning agent will damage the nozzle.

  • Printing software: magicdata variable data editing software, independently developed.

  • The utilization rate of consumables is sufficient, the software has spray printing modification function, the bar code level is high, about 40% less than that of peer consumables, and the effect is good to improve the spray printing quality (Nanyang packaging has sufficient certification).

  • Nozzle: Japanese Ricoh G5 grade A + product is selected, and the peers generally use grade C; The service life of the nozzle is 30% longer than that of its peers; The sprinkler system has anti-proliferation function and has this patent, which can reduce the influence of ink track caused by natural wind under the condition of high-speed printing, so as to make the speed faster and the printing effect better.

  • Printer support: customized according to your size, it is composed of 30mm thick wallboard and 9-10 NSK imported deep groove ball bearings to ensure the consistency and stability between the inkjet equipment and the printer without affecting the printing.

Nozzle typeAll imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle (Ricoh nozzle)
Nozzle width54mm (single nozzle)
Nozzle longitudinal accuracy600dpi
Lateral precision of nozzle200dpi-1200dpi, adjustable
Jet printing speed0-100 m/min (determined by material/ resolution/ environment/ platform, etc.)
Interface typeUSB3.0 or Gigabit Network
Spray printing softwareMagic data variable data editing software
Secondary developmentSoftware provides interface to support secondary development
Ink path controlPatent ink path design
Ink typImported environmental protection UV ink
Curing typeLED-UV curing
Spray printing methodSingle side spray printing, double side spray printing, multi side spray printing
Feeding modAssembly line, packaging machine, automation equipment, production line, weighing equipment, etc.

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