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LQ-MD X1 Digital Codejet Printing Machinery

  • LQ-MD X1

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD X1

  • Use Ricoh 600dpi industrial nozzle, jet printing content more fine.

  • The nozzle adopts gray design, the ink path of the jet hole can be adjusted according to the software, according to the customer's actual site of different materials to replace different ink waveform, more adaptable;Each row of nozzles is controlled independently to facilitate the alignment of each row of nozzles, so that the printing effect is more fine.

  • The use of large capacity negative pressure system design, favorable protection of the ink in the process of running stability, so that the ink continuous operation without affecting the effect of printing.

  • The use of modular design, easy to daily operation and maintenance, more intuitive for customers to understand the structure and principle of the machine, but also easy to customers site equipment installation and debugging.

  • The master control system, printing system brain, control the whole printing every action.

  • Negative pressure ink path system, the stability of negative pressure directly determines the quality of printing effect and the stability of long time operation;Negative pressure multilayer guarantee, so that the stability of ink road better, directly eliminate the phenomenon of ink back.Large ink tank ink shortage alarm, secondary ink cartridge alarm, there are sound prompt, large ink tank alarm can continue to work for a period of time, to add a buffer time;Reliable positive pressure cleaning is the premise of protecting the nozzle, positive pressure pressure to maintain stable ink system can run normally, positive pressure is too large damage to the nozzle, positive pressure is too small ink air exhaust is not clean will affect the printing effect.

  • Power supply system, to provide power for the operation of the system, the source power of the work of the accessories;Ink-jet system high precision control, clean power supply, to ensure stable and continuous work, but also the guarantee of printing effect, each part of the power control separately, using high-performance power supply.

  • UPS uninterruptible power supply, so that the source of power clean, to solve the power supply fluctuations, when the power off so that the system can also be stable operation, to eliminate sudden break

  • Electrical accidents (data loss, etc.).

  • Industrial control computer, inkjet software operation, data editing and processing, gigabit network card installation.Data transfer rate guarantee, data security prerequisite.

  • Nozzle components, fast and convenient adjustment of nozzle and platform parallel and vertical work, high precision adjustment is to ensure the effect of printing.

  • Gigabit switch: jet printing data transmission industrial computer and gigabit switch connected, each module jet printing main control board and gigabit switch connected.

  • Variable data editing software: with anti-duplicate code function, can import 10 million data at a time, bar code modification function, meet the requirements of the level, support a variety of special type docking jet printing, can be customized according to the customer's different software systems and different equipment.

Nozzle type

All imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle

Nozzle width


Nozzle longitudinal accuracy


Lateral precision of nozzle

200-1200dpi, adjustable

Jet printing speed


Interface type

Gigabit Network

Spray printing software

Magic data variable data editing software

Secondary development

Software provides interface to support secondary development

Ink path control

Patent ink path design

Ink type

Imported environmental protection UV ink

Curing type

LED-UV curing

Feeding mode

Single sheet, roll to roll


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