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LQ-PE/PE-RT Pipe High Speed Extrusion Line

.High Speed Extrusion Line

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LQG63 Dust-free Knife Cutter: Using annular knife cutting structure, realizing dust-free and low-noise cutting in high speed.

LQY63 Belt Haul-off: Up-and-down belts are specially used for hauling small pipe in high speed. Hauling speed:2.0-25m/min.

LQ63-S and LQ32-S Winder: Double station winding, frequency-conversion motor control, automatic alignment device. Winder JQ32-S winding speed 2.0-25m/min.

LQ63 Spray Cooling Tank:Nozzles can make high speed vortex spray to good and even cooling on pipe surface.

LQ63 Disc CalibrationSleeve: Suitable for small pipe extrusion in high speed

LQ65x33A Sihngle scrtew extruder:SIMENS micro-computer control system

LQ30X25 Single Screw Extruder:Specially used for co-extrusion of 1-4 color stripe(s)

LQ63-9 Vacuum Tank:Adopting nylon half moon panel for good  pipe roundness inhigh speed.

LQ63/LQ63 Die Head:Lattice baskestbal type and spiral die head for choice

ModelPipe RangemmHauling Speed
Total Length(m)Output Capacity
Total Power


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