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LQ-Printing Roller


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Our company offers various rubber rollers manufactured by raw materials imported from Japan and Germany, with excellent properties of oil, wear and solvent resistances and, applicable to al l  kinds of impo rted and domest ic print ing presses. The rubber rollers possess good rebound resilience and extreme ly little compression defor mation, without swell ing,

deformation, degumming and crazing during application. At the mean time, the rollers do not harden under cold condition, and barely get heat and sticky under hot condition. Al l the water­ ink rollers could maintain good affinities to ink and water. We use the special imported adhesive, preventing degumming between adhesive layer and roll- core. The exactly same materials have replaced the traditional process of bottom adhesive with surface adhesive, which prevents the differences in textures between internal and external adhesives and hardness from influencing the quality and service life of rubber rollers

                    Product Executive Standard: HG / T 2287-2008



Diametica ltolerance + 0 .2 mm - O m m

Length tolerance 0 .5 mm

      Rigidit y 20

      Homocentric degree 0.02 mm

      Flop tolerance 0.02 mm


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