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LQ-WZC Dual-station Automatic Sausage Tying Machine

It is suitable for all kinds of casing, but specialized for pig casing, collagen casing and sheep casing.
  • LQ-WZC
  • UPG

1. We improved the movement curve and increased the speed. The speed of WZC-200DI and WZC-200DII, which is increased by 133% ad 210% respectively, is 320 links per minute and 500 links per minute. In addition, the wear of bearingss and connecting rods has been greatly reduced.
2. With the technical advantages and great utility value, WZC-200DI and WZC-200DII have reasonable prices. They are amazing in every aspect. If you have a variety of products, you have a large output, you have a lazy equipment maintainer, or if you just want a good machine to work for you, please take our WZC-200DI or WZC-200DII to your plant.



Model WZC-200DI WZC-200DII
Capacity 320 Portions/Min 500 Portions/Min
Portion Length Any Length Any Length
Diameter Φ8mm-Φ32mm Φ8mm-Φ32mm
Power 0.75KW 2KW
Power Supply 220V/50HZ/1Phase 220V/50HZ/1Phase
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 1060mm*530mm*1100mm  1120mm*615mm*1100mm 
Weight 135KG 160KG

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