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LQ-ZYS78 Full Fence Circular Folding Machine


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  • LQ-ZYS78

  • UPG

1.First, the second fold group can be four times the parallel fold, the third fold group can be two times the parallel fold, and I need to separate or combine the fold

2.Adapt to the folding requirements of 24 - open folio

3.Each fence has a swinging steering mechanism

4.Paper feeding adopts single sheet rotary feeding, paper feeding does not stop, high efficiency

5.Straight grain, steel polyurethane combination folding roller, skidproof, wear-resistant

6.Adopt high precision helical gear design, good synchronization, reduce noise

7.Electrical structure using PLC and frequency control

8.Double paper and paper jam, automatic stop

9.Folding can be indentation, punching or cutting

10.The operation panel adopts the man-machine interface display screen, which is convenient for parameter setting and has the function of fault point display

11.Can be the total number of products, batch Settings and counting functions

12.Can be configured according to the needs of a single folding machine, 32 pages of the positive or negative fol.

Max speed210m/min
Max paper size780x1140mm
Min paper size200x150mm
Foldable paper range40-210g/m²


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