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LQTYMC-1100 Hologram Positioning Computerized Hot Foil Stamping Machine

  • LQTYMC-1100

  • UPG

1LQTYMC series hologram positioning computerized hot foil stamping machine integrates the function of hot stamping, positioning and concave-convex shaping in one time process. In addition, it can do die cutting work as well.
2. The display system adopts touch screen greatly improves the productivity.
3. This machine adopts PLC microcomputer to control 5 groups, drive the pace separately, and the pace length is easy to regulate.

4. The temperature control is divided by 5 heating zones. Fast and even heating, low power consumption, constant temperature control, real-time temperature display function which improves the hot stamping quality.<o:p>

Model LQTYMC-1100
Max-Plate Efficient Breadth 1100×800mm
Max. Stamping Size 1100×800mm
Groups Of Feeding Foil 5
Max. Length Of Feeding 800mm
Leapfrogging Scope 0-99
Power Of Heating Plate 15kw
Total Power 25.5kw
Main Motor Power 5.5kw 6pole
Speed 23±2(sheets/min)
Gross Weight 6000kg
Individual Zones Of Heating Plate 5
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 2520×2170×2200mm


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