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LQZF-400/280 Full-automatic envelop making Machine

This machine is used to process chinese style and western style envelop of various sizes.

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  • LQZF-400/280

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1. Suction type paper pile bottom feeding mechanism is adopted,so paper can be added without shutting down the machine.Toggle pin location checking is adopted to achieve accurate locating
2. Disk glue applying to achieve well distributed applied glue and the amount of applied glue can be adjusted
3. A folding mechansim with dual-suction-drum is equipped to ensure accurate folding.

LQZF-400 LQZF-280
Speed 10000-15000pcs/h 10000-15000pcs/h
Applicable Envelop Range Chinese style:1-9#
Western style:2-7#
Chinese style:1-7#
Western style:2-5#
Applicable Paper Grammage 80-120g/m2 80-120g/m2
Power 2.2KW 1.5KW
Power of Pump 2.2KW 2.2KW
Weight 1500KG 1500KG
Dimension 4350*1180*1460mm 2855*1000*1255mm

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