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DH-MW25-1 wet wipes machine

This machine adopts Full servo drive and PLC control system for operation. It’s made of raw material loading device, tension device, folding device, automatic wetting system, automatic counting device and slitting device, printing and punching device, labeling device, packing and gusseting device for finished products.
Stainless steel is applied to the cover of machine and main spare parts. The parts in contact with liquid and fabric are made of the food-grade 304 stainless steel. All the processes are finished on the machine without manual labor involved, so the finished product could meet hygienic standard. The folding device is specially designed to make various folding ways feasible. It’s smart and speedy.
  • DH-MW25-1
  • UPG
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Power 10 KW
Machine cover SU304 stainless steel
Production speed 350-400 pcs/min
Folding type “Z” plus “V” fold  or  “VZ” plus “V” fold
Product size (unfolded) (150~200)×(150~250) mm (L×W)
Product size (folded) (70~200)×(45~80) mm (L×W)
Suitable material Spun lace non-woven fabric, hot rolling Non-woven fabric
GSM of raw material 40~80 g/m²
Size of raw material (150~300)×¢1500 mm (Width×Diameter)
Weight of machine 3000 kg
Counting way Auto-counting, Quantity per pile is changeable on the screen
Control system PLC control system, Full-servo drive, color touching screen
Special unit Auto Inferior rejecting device
alternant labeling unit
Machine size 4600×1250×1800 mm (L×W×H)
Wetting System stainless steel water tank with agitator (continuous & circular stirring)
Water tank size 900x900x1750mm(Lx W x H)   volume: 400L
Efficiency rate >=98%
 Full servo motor adopted. This makes for more stability, accuracy and faster speed
②Special for 5-30pcs/bag, able to make mini pack
③Double/alternant Labeling enables the machine to change the labeling roll without stopping the machine
④The length and width adjustable. Suitable for more types of products.
⑤. The packing length can be set accordingly. (Set directly On the touching screen, simple and clear)
⑥Automatic inferior rejecting unit is able to automatically eliminate the joint of raw material
⑦ Delta PLC touching screen for easy parameters setting
⑧High accuracy of Eye track detecting and color patch sensing for accurate sealing
⑨Free programs updating
Packing device has gusseting unit for good-looking package


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