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Inline Printing Quality Inspection System

Installed in offset press to make inline inspection of products quality intercept continuous defects and serious defects or 
to make products final inspection;
• It can install separated rejecting bin to remove the waste or install ink jet printer to mark the waste;
• Sound and light alarm for continuous defects;
• Set inspection tolerance according to different zones which is convenient and fle×ible;
• Dynamically tolerance setting and have regional self-learning function;
• Have the function of parameter copy for large-format sheet with repeat pattern;
• Testing data automatic storage and classification easy for data searching;
• It can be installed in all kinds of press such as Heidelberg KBA Roland Komori and Mitsubishi. The install position is hide 
in protection cover which has no effect on e×isting operations;
• There is no need to modify the press easy to install;
• Inline inspection largely save the costs than offline inspection that must add a process;
  • UPG-4
  • UPG



Max Inspection Format 1040mm*720mm(Customizable)
Paper Weight <200g
Max Inspection Speed 15000sheet/hour
Image Resolution 0.1mm*0.1mm(Customizable)
Min Defects Inspection Resolution 0.1mm2
Min Color Variation Defects  E  3
Misregister ±0.1mm
Printing Quality Inspection Thick Ink, light ink, cross color, smear,pasting plate, fringe, bite, ink dots, holes,
wrinkle,mosquito and oil dots,etc.
Applicable Press It can be installed in some kinds of intaglio machines and in some offset press,
like Heidelberg, Komori and Mitsubishi

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