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LQ 6 Lane Napkin Folding Machine


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Napkin folding machine is a kind of napkin that automatically folds the cut paper into square or rectangle after calendering, printing and embossing. It has the advantages of clear and bright printing, accurate overprint and stable high-speed operation. It is a special equipment for processing high-quality and high-grade napkin.



Suitable Material

Single Layer: 18-25g/㎡;Double Layer: 12-19g/High humidity strong original paper

Paper size and width


Paper core diameter


Folding Type

1/4 Folding former

Product Size

Folding size(115mm×130mm )±2mm


Paper Feeding Unit

Single layer paper feeding,use the wide belt for the feeding,one paper shaft

Paper left and right adjusting by hand,Pneumatic paper lifting

Printing Unit

Closed type doctor blade systemone unit

Circulating ink system

Ceramic anilox roller

Slitting Unit

Slitting size can be adjusted  

Embossing Unit

Two sets of steel roller with the felt roller for embossingEmbossing clear and unstratified, not crushing paper, no wrinklepattern provided from the customer

Mechanical pressure control makes the pressure accurate and balanced

Felt print the oil for dust cleaning ( use white mineral oil)

Folding Unit

The gap between the folding roller and pull roller can be adjusted

Folding roller adopt the thermal refining 

Counting function, adopt the pneumatic dislocation type

Design speed: 500pcs/min/lane

Production speed: 400pcs/min/lane with printing

Control Unit


Frequency converter【Siemens】

Automatic counting function

The machine will automatically stop when paper breaking

PowerAC380V  60HZ  

Main motor: 11KW

Vacuum pump 15-18.5KWTaiwan

Component Brand

Important part use NSK high temperature resistance bearing

Bearing pedestal brand : TR

Low-voltage electrical apparatusBrand: Schneider

PhotoelectricityBrand: Omron

PLCBrand: Siemens

Frequency converterBrand: Siemens

Pneumatic componentBrand: AIRTAC

Air cylinderBrand: JAC



Paper cutting off base knife: 2 pieces

Scratcher5 pieces

Slitting base knife: 5 pieces

Paper sending belt: 1 piece

Doctor blade: 10 pieces

Tool box


Machine operating manual

including the power, air diagram and installation instruction

Frequency converter use manual

Using manual and common accessories details

Product Inquiry
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