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LQ-BTH-700+BM-700L Automatic High Speed Side Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine


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  • LQ-BTH-700+LQ-BM-700L

  • UPG


The machine is suitable for packing long items( such as wood, aluminum, etc.). Adopt the most advanced imported plc prohrammable controller, with safety protection and alarm device, ensure the machine high-speed stability, a variety of settings can be easily completed on the touch screen operation. Use side sealing design, no limited of product packaging length, the sealing line height can be adjusted according to the packing product height. Equipped with imported detection photoelectric, horizontal and vertical detection in one group, easy to switch selection.



1. Side blade sealing continuously makes the unlimited length of the product;

2. Side sealing lines can be adjusted to the desired position which based on the product’s height in order to achieve excellent sealing results;

3. It adopts the most advanced OMRON PLC controller and touch operator interface. Touch operator interface accomplish all working date easily;  

4. Sealing knife uses the aluminum knife with DuPont Teflon with anti-stick coating & anti-high temperature to avoid cracking, coking and smoking to achieve “zero pollution”.The machine itself is also equipped with automatic protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting; If you open the cover during the machine running, the machine will stop running and alarm.

5. Automatic film feeding punching deice is to drill away the air and make sure the packing result is good;

6. Equipped with imported USA Banner photoelectric of horizontal and vertical detection to easily finish the sealing of thin and small items;

7. Manually adjustable film-guide system and feeding conveyor platform make the machine suitable for different width and height items. When the packaging size changes, the adjustment is very simple by rotating the hand wheel without changing molds and bag makers;

8. LQ-BM-700L adopts advance circulation blowing from the bottom of the tunnel, equipped double frequency inverter controls blowing, adjustable blowing direction and volume form bottom.




Max. Packing Size

(L) No Limited

(W+H)≤ 650mm

(H)≤ 250mm

(L)No Limited*(W)680*(H)350mm

Max. Sealing Size

(L)No Limited (W+H)≤ 700mm


Packing Speed

1-25 Packages/min


Electric Suppy&Power

380V/50Hz 3kw

380V/50Hz 16kw

Max. Current



Air Pressure






Overall Dimensions



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