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LQ-C45 Metal Sheet Coating Machine

LQ-C45 metal sheet coating machine is a high-precision, automatic coating machine, with vertical and horizontal empty function, suitable for tinplate, aluminum plate and other metal plate on the bottom or glazing coating, is one of the necessary equipment for tin printing and canning enterprises.

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LQ-C45 Metal Sheet Coating Machine 

Main Characteristics

1. The machine is used for food slabs, beverage cans, aerosol cans, metal toys, daily chemical cans, lids, boxes of metal sheets, and the surface of the metal sheets is covered with paint and blank paint. Essential equipment.

2. In order to ensure the safe operation of the machine, the bevel gear is used, and the push rod return mechanism adopts the line drive mode to avoid the corrected iron sheet from being loaded.

3. The rubber roller is made of oil-resistant rubber or polyurethane, which has good wear resistance and long service life.

4. The roller is made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum chilled cast iron or sprayed with WC, which has long service life and high surface precision.

5. Set the main blade cleaning device, auxiliary scraper and scraper tension device.

6. The scraper pressure pneumatic control device ensures that the pressure at both ends of the scraper is consistent and the pressure is moderate to avoid damaging the surface of the roller.

7. It has a biting wheel and a feeding magnetic wheel, which is positioned for front positioning. The machine is provided with horizontal and vertical clearance, and adopts a running correction mechanism. The phase of the rubber roller can be adjusted without stopping by the handwheel.

8. The rubber roller shaft end is connected by end face teeth, and it is very convenient to replace the rubber roller.

9. The oil transfer roller is driven by a separate variable frequency motor that eliminates splashing of the coating and achieves the desired thickness by changing the line speed of the two rolls.

Technical parameters

Maximum sheet metal specification


Minimum sheet metal specification


Sheet metal thickness


Rubber roller size

(Φ324-Φ339)mm(Full coating)
Φ329mm(Leave coating)

Upload oil roller diameter


Lower oil roller diameter


Machine speed


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