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LQ-MD 1700 Digital Printing Machine


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  • LQ-MD 1700

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 1700

    Multi-functional printing machine is a printing equipment developed by our company according to the use of domestic and foreign customers and combined with foreign advanced design concepts. It is the first printing equipment introduced to the market by our company and widely accepted and recognized by customers. We are proud of it.The equipment proved to be an economic and practical digital printing equipment after years of constant improvement and modification, whose production and proofing can meet most customers’ demand, especially for cutting piece positioning printing, it’s easy operated and has unique advantages. Customers also can do partial optimized configuration for the equipment according to their own actual situation combined with our "digital printing solutions" service. It is totally a perfect production printing equipment that truly meet customers’need.

Mod.LQ-MD 1700
Drum Diameter600mm
Working Width1600mm
Initial Power36Kw 3-Phase 4-wire system, 380V/50Hz
Net weight1800kg
Printing Width1200-2600mm

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