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LQ-MD 5328E Digital Sublimation Printer


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  • LQ-MD 5328E

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  • LQ-MD 5328E

· High Precision Printhead:Adopt Epson I3200-A1 with 3200 nozzles,which can improve the printing speed greatly.
· High-end Software: Using international high-end software, the drawing is more realistic.
· Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm:Reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink, and at the same
time reminds to add ink in time to ensure the continuity of printing work.
· Intelligent Foggy Printing & VSDT Printing: Unique two-dimension intelligent foggy and wave-foggy function, and VSDT variable
droplet techonology, improve printing quality obviously.
· Using Advanced Capping Station:Equipped with advanced intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe
and convenient printhead cleaning and maintenance functions, more convenient operation and maintenance.
· Stable Media Feeding and Take-up System:Convenient and fast, the printing media is quickly stored, equipped with automatic paper
· measurement and anti-rubbing function, the consumables are warped, printing is automatically paused to prevent scratching the printhead

ModelLQ-MD 5328ELQ-MD 53215E
Printing Size1900mm
Printhead Type and Numbers8 EPSON Original I3200-A1 Heads15 EPSON Original I3200-A1 Heads
Max Resolution3200dpi
Max Materials Input Size3200mm
Ink ColorDouble CMYK
Ink TypeWater-Based Ink, Pigment Ink
Ink Supply TypeBuIk Ink System
InterfaceGigabit Port
Print File FormatBMP, TIF, JPG, PDF Etc.
Drying SystemExtra Front Heating System
System SupportedAbove Windows 7
Materials Feeding MethodRoll to Roll, Leaf
Color ManagementICC Based; Density & Curves Adjustable
Power Supply50Hz/ 60Hz, 220V, 210-230 VAC
Package Dimension (L×W×H)5280×1180×1770mm5280×1180×1770mm
Machine Dimension (L×M×H)5140×1350×1850mm5760×1450×1850mm
Gross. Weight400kgs
Working Environment Temperature18-35℃
Working Environment Humidity35-65%Rh
Printing Speed1pass: 420 m2/h1pass: 720 m2/h
2pass: 210 m2/h2pass: 370 m2/h
Transport PackageWooden Box for Free Fumigation
Rip SoftwareMaintop 6.0, Photoprint, Onyx, Neostampa

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