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LQ-MD 2500 Series Corrugated Box Making Machine

-Slotting & Scoring
Capable of processing slot length ranging from 0 to 500mm, slot knife customizable.
-Vertical Cutting & Creasing
Rotating cutter for smooth and debris-free paper cutting;exclusive creasing technique for intact creases without breakage.
-Die-cutting & Punching
Meets customized hole punching requirements such as handle holes and ventilation holes for cartons.
-Automatic Gluing
Automatic gluing system can be integrated for both cold and hot melt.
-Automatic Flexo Printing &Digital Printing
Automatic printing system can be integrated.Both flexo and digital printing can be realized.

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LQ-MD 2500 Series Corrugated Box Making Machine is an ideal box-making machine for carton factories to handle orders with multiple models and small quantities.It integrates paper splitting, slotting, wire pressing, punching, and adhesive dripping (optional). The mechanical structure of a single blade and single servo reduces the order changing time to about 3 seconds and greatly reduces the limitations of the equipment. It can complete the special box type of high and low pressure lines. Currently, more than 120 different box types can be produced.

Machine Features

1.Infinitely extended paper feeding and single knife and single servo can produce different functions such as standard boxes / double boxes / head and ground boxes / knife cards/high and low voltage lines / paper separation / pressing lines, etc., and can quickly change orders .

2.The leading edge adopts self-developed servo paper feeding system to protect the cardboard flutes and achieve a compression-resistant effect.

3.The single-tool and single-servo system completes the tool arrangement function and realizes quick order change in about 3 seconds . It can be connected to WMS , scan QR code to change orders, etc.

4.The crimping line width and tongue size can be adjusted automatically .

5.The equipment is equipped with a safety door switch to ensure the safety of operators.

one step operation-GSFunction

ModelLQ-MD 2500XLQ-MD 2500LQ-MD 3000
Production Rate500-600Pcs/h
(There are differences in different box types)
(There are differences in different box types)
(There are differences in different box types)
Cardboard TypeSheetSheetSheet
Switchover TimeAbout 3 secondsAbout 3 secondsAbout 3 seconds
Cardboard Thickness1.5-10 mm1.5-10 mm1.5-10 mm
Max. Board Size2500mm
Width *Unlimited Length
Width *Unlimited Length
Width *Unlimited Length
Min. Board Size200mm
Width*650mm Length
Width*650mm Length
Width*650mm Length
Max. Box SizeUnlimited(L)*1000(W)
Min. Box Size150(L)*150(W)*75(H)150(L)*150(W)*75(H)150(L)*150(W)*75(H)
Feeding ModeSheets FeedingSheets FeedingSheets Feeding
Slotting Knife2 Pcs*500mm Length2 Pcs*500mm Length2 Pcs*500mm Length
Vertical Cutting Knife444
Creasing Wheel444
Horizontal Cutting Knife111
Box StylesMore than 100 Fefco ModeMore than 100 Fefco ModeMore than 100 Fefco Mode
Equipment Size2900*3550*22002900*3550*22003400*4050*2200
WeightAppr. 4000kgAppr. 4000kgAppr. 4200kg

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